Photojournalist & Photographer
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I am a freelance assignment photographer and I'm available for work as a location photographer worldwide.
Among the recent collaborations: UNICEF, Save The Children, Transparency International [DE], The Open University [UK], Photos4Food Foundation [US], Condé Nast Traveller, Let's Travel Somewhere, Vanity Fair.
I assist NGO and Humaritarian Organizations to tell their stories and promote their work through photography and implement their documentation projects.

More than 25 years of involvement in the world of photography, 9 years of Professional Experience

Languages: Italian, English

Working Area
As a Freelance Photographer I have set my main focus for the past 9 years on:

  • Portrait & People photography
  • Documentary photography
  • Travel photography
  • Humanitarian assignments (NGOs)

I am available for Assignments around the world as well as Reportage, Editorial & Corporate work.
I am totally in love in humanitarian photographic assignments where documentary photography captures the moments that elevate my soul and my awareness.
Inquiries from non-profit corporations and individuals are encouraged.

Working Experiences
Africa: Kenya [3 times], Tanzania [2 times], Senegal [1 time], Cape Verde [2 times], Madagascar [3 times], Egypt [5 times]
Asia: Myanmar [2 times], Cambodia [2 times], India [7 times], Thailand [2 times], China [4 times], Honk kong [5 times], Macao [2 times]
Middle East: Dubai [4 times], Sharjah [2 times], Oman [1 time], Saudi Arabia [1 time]
South of America: Brasil – Amazon rainforest [1 time], Mexico [2 times], Colombia [2 times], Cuba [1 time]
Europe: Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany, UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden
Take a look to my travel map 

Since every shoot is different, and requires different preparation, scouting, and post-production, please contact me for an estimate specific to your needs.

Please include the following information:

  • Name – Company – Organization – NGO
  • Address – City – State – Phone – Email
  • Location for the shoot and how soon will the shoot be

Please give me a short description of the subject to be photographed and the intended use of the final images. 
It would be grateful for me to make a proposal for your project. 

Please contact me for also following uses:
Photos for web use | Photos for print use | Online photo usage | Magazine inside page | Magazine cover

To view a large collection of my images, visit my flickr page: Dan Romeo's Flickr Photostream