My focus is on subjects like education, sanitation, women rights, children rights, working conditions, traditional way of life, undiscovered cultures and ethnic groups in danger of extinction.

Normally I live and work in Turin travelling often to London. Turin Airport is very close to my home and Milan Malpensa Airport is only 100Km far away.
I can say that the entire planet is at my disposal!

I work together with NGOs' local staff to create engaging pictures that tell stories. 

Humanitarian and "Real Life" photography is my passion.
It allows me to combine and agree my soul with my love for photography.
This lets me to put my camera on the same line of my eyes, my mind and my soul.

Please give me a short description of the subject(s) to be photographed and the intended use of the final images.

  • Are you a Development Organisation looking to document a project?
  • A Human Rights Organisation wanting photographs to complete field research?
  • A Health Promotion Organisation looking for images for a campaign?

I assist NGOs to tell their stories and promote their work through photography and implement their documentation projects. 
Contact me for more information.