This is the map of the places I have visited in the last 6 years.
I always try to keep it updated with major milestones. The map does not show the many local trips I do in the surroundings of the main locations visited and tracked.
Working Experiences
Africa: Kenya [3 times], Tanzania [2 times], Senegal [1 time], Cape Verde [2 times], Madagascar [3 times], Egypt [5 times]
Asia: Myanmar [2 times], Cambodia [2 times], India [7 times], Thailand [2 times], China [4 times], Honk kong [5 times], Macao [2 times]
Middle East: Dubai [4 times], Sharjah [2 times], Oman [1 time], Saudi Arabia [1 time]
South of America: Brasil – Amazon rainforest [1 time], Mexico [2 times], Colombia [2 times], Cuba [1 time]
Europe: Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany, UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden