I could trivially write that my inspiration comes from the great photographers and documentary filmmakers of past and present. This of course is true!

The truth is that my inspiration comes mainly from two things mixed together. Let me talk again about myself for a while…

Thanks to my father, I had the fortune to have in my hands my first Nikon camera at the age of 7 years! A legendary Nikon F3. My father was an avid professional photographer, and with him I had the opportunity to experience development techniques in the darkroom. Experiences almost impossible in the digital age. For years I have had a passion for sports photography and I had the opportunity to photograph world champions of motorbikes, athletic sports and international winter sports. I also took part as photographer to Olympic Winter events. Even the architectural photography has allowed me to realize important photographic multimedia projects. But everything changed when… 

The first thing inpires me
Way back in 2005, I decided to leave for the first time for a trip to Kenya. I think that it was the staring point,  the event that totally changed my approach to photography. Many years have passed but I remember it as it was yesterday, I went in a small village near Malindi. My guide had suggested to stop the jeep in a small shop in order to procure sacks of flour to donate to the women of the village. After about an hour of travel on dirt roads and thick vegetation we reached our destination. The village was surrounded by thick vegetation and with great difficulty we succeeded to enter. As I climbed down from the car I saw a scene that will forever remain engraved in my memory. A small child of about 6 years was looking at me from the vegetation. I invited him cropping up and coming towards me. He was very shy and timid. Only his head sticking out. After few minutes he was convinced to come out. And… on his back clinging like a monkey was his newborn sister! Their large eyes full of curiosity and fear will remain forever etched in my memory. The two brothers accompanied us to the entrance of the village that seemed deserted. I have not had time to leave my bags on the ground that from the huts and vegetation surrounding the village jumped out dozens of small children at a safe distance watching us astonished and amazed! I spent many hours in the village, talking and communicating with men, women and children. When, after 2 or 3 hours, I decided, just for fun, to take my camera, their astonishment was big! They had never seen a camera but most could not imagine how it was possibile that their faces, their smiles could end up in a coloured plastic square! It 'a scene that in the future I'll see hundreds of times in many other parts of the world! But it was the first time and this will be forever in my memory. That distant day completely changed my vision, the scenario that photography could open up! Above all, I realized that the object that I had always just used to capture sports champions and famous monuments could do much more: my camera had the ability to stir up emotions and thrills
in me than ever before then I had experienced. Do you remember the feeling that you felt the first time you have fallen in love with someone when you was a teenager? Yes! The feeling is exactly that!

The second thing inpires me
Two years ago I became father of a beautiful baby! His arrival as you can imagine has changed forever my life but this also changed my perception of the world. This event has changed the perspective and the scenarios of my life at all levels. When he looks into my eyes, my mind sees behind his eyes, the thousands of looks and eyes of the children I met and photographed over the past 10 years. When he cries because hungry and his mother and I run to prepare his food, my thoughts go out to the millions of children who, at the same time, don't have someone willing to do the same! It 'a feeling that makes me uncomfortable and that, if in one hand gives me the feeling of being lucky as my son, in the other one makes me a sense of anguish, disappointment, helplessness. Somehow, this has strengthened my passion and desire to document all those situations that create sadness, pain and inequalities in our planet. Every time I leave for a trip and my son is not with me, his absence makes me sad but I'm sure to find his eyes in the eyes of the children I will meet and for which my work of reportage is trying to produce something useful!

So let's mix these two magic elements together!